Wise Greece event

Have you already noticed blue round stickers with the inscription "Wise Greece" on many of our products ?! By buying these products, you promote the company Wise Greece and support people in need!

Wise Greece is a social company that promotes high-quality Greek products, buys food and donates to "social supermarkets", children, families and people in need. Wise Greece therefore has two important tasks: to promote the health benefits of the Greek diet on a global scale and at the same time provide food for disadvantaged people. Today, Wise Greece supports 100 Greek small producers with more than 2,500 products and has so far donated more than 30 tons of food!

Its founder, Melina Taprantzi, wants to offer help to people in need. It is important to her to pay attention to sustainability and find a solution to an important social problem. Rosmarin shares this view and has built a close relationship with Wise Greece, we bring their products to Austria and support this idea.

Together with our customers, we tested a variety of products and chatted about the goals of Wise Greece. We would like to thank Wise Greece, Melina Taprantzi and all our customers and friends for coming!


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