Oliveoil & Vinegar

Olive oil

A selection of olive oils from the Peloponnese and Crete; In contrast to the mass-production olive oils of the super markets, in rosmarin’s selection one still tastes nature and Greece’s unique climate! They are produced with cold extraction, they have a low acidity (<4) and will convince you immediately with their aroma.

Rosmarin’s selection of olive oils, just like its other products, come from small producers who use modern production methods and fulfill the European quality guaranties while producing with passion, respect to the environment and the local ecosystem they work in.


Greece has a long tradition in vinegar production and has some of the best products in Europe to show off. Rosmarin chose carefully its supplier, a company that specializes in the production of vinegar for over 40years and produces with affection and care for its customers dedicated to the highest quality and innovation. Rosmarin’s Balsamico pearls, black or white, will convince you of that.


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