Rosmarin is a shop selling Greek grocery products and beverages. The Greek diet has been proven one of the healthiest and more balanced diets in the world. Rosmarin will convince you of that. Our products are original, new to the Austrian market and of a high quality. From staples like herbs, oil, rusks etc. to exclusive delicacies like snails and bottarga, you will find a wide range of products both for your everyday dishes as well as for your special occasions. We individually select them from all over Greece. Small farms produce them sustainably, biologically and with respect to the individual needs of the native environment of their crops.

Rosmarin also offers the possibility to try the ingredients in the shop, either through a tasting or by enjoying a light meal from a small, daily-varying choice of dishes prepared fresh every morning.

Spend some time in the shop and taste a little bit of Greece while looking at books with traditional recipes and advice on how best to cook, preserve and enjoy Greek delicacies!!





My name is Elina and I come from Athens. My family and I live in Vienna since 2010. I decided to open rosmarin out of desire to introduce this beautiful city to the culinary delights of greek cuisine and the great variety of unique, delicious and healthy greek products! I have carefully picked each and every one of Rosmarins products in order to provide you with a selection of traditional and modern greek tastes.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at Rosmarin!



My name is Haris and I´m from Athens, Greece. Love braught me three years ago to Vienna.

I love everything about Greece but especially the greek cuisine!

Come to our shop and try our delicious greek delicacies.




My name is Anna and I study Psychology at the university of Vienna. My mother comes from the wonderful city of Thessaloniki in Greece and she has passed on to me her enthusiasm for the greek cuisine. What I enjoy the most on a hot summer day is a cold greek Café Frappé. I am looking forward to meeting you in Rosmarin!