Salt & herbs


Fleur de Sel, coarse or fine sea-salt, pure, smoked or with herbs: most of rosmarin’s salts come from the famous wetland of Messolonghi. Mesolonghi, a unique Biotope acknowledged by the Ramsar-Convention, enchants visitors with the beauty of its landscape and the rare migratory birds that stop at its waters.


Our Bio-Herbs come from the region of Lakonia in the Peloponnese, one of the few places in Greece where industrialization has jet to set foot. The earth is pure and fertile and the herbs develop there an intense aroma and taste. Our supplier-partners there treat each plant as if it were their only one and choose only the vigorous stems for their harvesting. They are in charge of the whole process from seeding to cultivation, harvesting and application of appropriate drying regimes, and finally processing and selection.

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