Tips & Tricks

    Tip: Grey mullet Bottarga
    Avgotaracho – Grey Mullet – Bottarga
    Tip: Kritharaki
    Kritharaki is a type of pasta used by Greek and Italian cuisine
    Tip: Trachanas
    Trachanas is the oldest type of pasta of greek cuisine. It is made of flour, eggs and milk or yoghurt.
    Tip: Spoon Sweet
    Spoon sweets bring back memories of childhood and hospitality of the old times with their unique taste and fruit aromas.
    The Superfoods of the Greek Cuisine: Oregano
    The Superfoods of Greek cuisine: Mastic gum
    Cretan snails: a gourmet delicacy
    How to prepare and enjoy them!
    spooky dishes for Halloween
    The Mediterranean diet
    ..find out more about the Mediterranean diet and our menu of the week in an interesting article under "Aktuelles"

    The Mediterranean diet
    Tip: Olive-leaf tea, how to prepare


Wise Greece event
On Friday, February 22nd, our food tasting with social responsibility took place. Wise Greece, a Greek NGO, and its founder, Melina Taprantzi, visited us from Greece and together we tasted delicious and high-quality products.

Rosmarin at A-List
our Rosmarin made it to and counts to Austria's most loved places!
Articles about Rosmarin in the greek press
WKO presents Rosmarin
It was written about us
A selection of articles about Rosmarin in the press!
Vom Greißler

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