Deserts & Pastries

Baklava in a box, Kourambie, Melomakarono or sweet spoon sweets. New names for new tastes! New to the Austrian market, not Greece. In Greece, these were the sweets that hundreds of generations enjoyed before industrialisation and mass production reached the Deserts production.

Healthy, tasty and original to enjoy at home or over a cup of coffee at rosmarin!

Melomakarona from nea karvali, Chrisanthidis 430g

Preis: 12,90 €

Kourabie Choco-Bites, Chrisanthidis 230g

Preis: 12,90 €

Kourabie from New Karvali, Chrisanthidis 430g

Preis: 14,90 €

multigrain bites With Carob Syrup 260g

Preis: 5,50€