Olives & Delicacies


Kalamata olives –of course- but also green olives, stuffed or not, Throuba olives and Koroneiki; they are being produced, there were they naturally grow: in Lakonia, Peloponnese, in Thassos, in Crete. Greece stands out for its pure and untouched nature. The Mediterranean light and the unique microclimate work together to produce the most tasteful and aromatic olives. Rosmarin offers also olive-paste from Kalamata or green olives.


Gourmet Delicacies

At Rosemary you will find a range of ingredients for every occasion, from popular everyday dishes to the unusual gourmet menu with white tuna from Alonissos, smoked Florina peppers, white tarama spread and many other exclusive delicacies.

capers ragout with olives & Tomatoes Yiam, 200g

Preis: 6,90€

for your sandwich, salad, pasta or steak

BIO Marianna's vine leaves in a glas, 200g

Preis: 10,90€

tender BIO vine leaves von Marianna

BIO Mariannas Vinetops, 230g

Preis: 10,90€

a delicious topping for your salads, sandwiches and steaks

BIO Marianna's stuffed vine leaves, 200g

Preis: 10,90€

stuffed with rice and aromatic, greek herbs

Ergon roasted eggplants 465g

Preis: 8,00

Dolopia Aubergine salad with smoked tea 350g

Preis: 6,90

Dolopia oven Aubergines in tomato sauce, 330g

Preis: 5,90€

Ergon Florina peppers roasted, 460g

Preis: 7,00€

Dolopia caramelised onions, 330g

Preis: 7,90€

Zanae giant beans in tomato sauce, 280g

Preis: 4,50€

Arcadia artichokes pate, 190g

Preis: 5,50€

Arcadia Artichoke-salad, 190g

Preis: 5,50€

Dolopia Shredded beetroot relish with quince & ginger, 260g

Preis: 7,50€

Ergon sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, 190g

Preis: 7,20€

Yiam dried figs in Mavrodafni, 240g

Preis: 8,90€

Santa Caper caper leaves, 190g

Preis: 9,50€

Arcadia Kapern, 130g

Preis: 5,00€

Santa Caper capers in a bag, 250g

Preis: 6,50€

Ergon olive paste from green olives, 100g

Preis: 4,90€

Sativa olive paste from Kalamata olives, 170g

Preis: 4,90€

Delicious Crete green olives with almonds, 250g

Preis: 5,90€

Delicious Crete green olives with basil and garlic, 250g

Preis: 4,50€

Sativa green olives filled with sweet red pepper, 370g

Preis: 4,20€

Sativa green Olives, 370g

Preis: 3,50€

Delicious Crete Throuba Olives, 250g

Preis: 4,50€

Delicious Crete Koroneiki Olives, 200g

Preis: 4,90€

Wise Greece Kalamata Olives with sun dried tomatoes and herbs, 200g

Preis: 5,10€

Wise Greece Kalamata Oliven with lemon & Thyme, 200g

Preis: 5,10€

Sativa Kalamata pitted with thyme, 350g

Preis: 5,20€

Sativa Kalamata pitted with oregano, 350g

Preis: 5,20€

Sativa Kalamata Olives, 1600g

Preis: 12,90€

Sativa Kalamata Olives, 780g

Preis: 7,90€

Sativa Kalamata Olives, 370g

Preis: 4,50€

Sativa Kalamata Oliven pitted, 360g

Preis: 4,50€