Orange-cake (Portokalopita)


ca 40x26 cm or 28cm round


pre-warm at 160° Umluft or 180° Ober / Unterhitze

Baking time:

ca 30-40 min


450g filo-dough

250g oil

250g Sugar

2 vanilla pods

Skin of 2 oranges

150g orange-marmelade with skin pieces

5 Eggs

500g Yoghurt 10%

200g whipping cream

20g baking powder



600g Sugar

500ml Water

1 cinnamon stick

Juice and zest from 1 Orange

100g Orange-marmelade


- Cut the Filo-dough in stripes

- Mix good the sugar, vanilla, orange-skins, oil, whipping cream, yoghurt, eggs in a large bowl

- Slowly add the orange marmelade

- then the baking powder

- slowly add the filo-dough stripes, let it soak for 10min

-Put the baking paper on the baking form and then add the mix

-Bake in a pre-heated oven (160° Umluft or 180° Ober / Unterhitze) for ca 30-40 min. The cake must turn slightly brown and make a crust on top. 

- In the mean time boil the water with the sugar and the cinnammon for ca 4min. Mix the orange juice, orange zest and orange marmelade and let it sit of a while.

- Finally, pour the cold syrup on the -still warm- Portokalopita.


Good Luck!!!