Wine & drinks

Nature in Greece offers the best conditions for the vines: our selection includes red wine, white wine and rosé, dry or semi-dry and naturally resinated retsina: only the best wines from Greece, which can really compete with the more well-known European wine-growing regions, find their way in our small but fine vinotheque.

Have you already tried using retsina for cooking? It gives the dishes that incomparable Greek something.

In Rosmarin you will also find the taste of summer: Mythos beer in 330ml or 500ml. And Fix-Bier, the cult beer from Athens, with its organically produced ingredients!

End a great dinner with a shot of our mastic or mandarin liqueur, which will leave a unique aftertaste and assist digestion.

Mandarin liqueur Omiriko 500ml

Preis: 18,00€

Masticha liqueur Omiriko 700ml

Preis: 25,00€

Tsipouro Mavro Rodo 700ml

Preis: 23,50€

Tsipouro Mavro Rodo 200ml

Preis: 10,00€

Tsipouro Mavro Rodo 50ml

Preis: 3,50€

Ouzo Kazanisto from Chios island 700ml

Preis: 18,00€

Ouzo Kazanisto 200ml

Preis: 6,50€

Ouzo Kazanisto 50ml

Preis: 2,50€

Mythos Beer 500ml

Preis: 4,00€

Mythos Beer 330ml

Preis: 3,50€

Fix Beer 330ml

Preis: 3,50€

Retsina Tsantali 750ml

Preis: 9,00€

Retsina Kechribari 500ml

Preis: 6,50€

Mavrodafni wine 750ml

Preis: 7,90€

Visanto Estate Argyrou rose Assyrtiko-Athiri-Aidani,sweet PDO 500ml

Preis: 35,00€

Axia rose Xinomavro 750ml

Preis: 14,00€

Prekniariko wine 750ml

Preis: 24,00€

Domain Costa Lazaridi red ,Syrah 750ml

Preis: 28,00€

Domain Costa Lazaridi rose,Merlot 750ml

Preis: 23,00€

Domain Costa Lazaridi white,Malagouzia 750ml

Preis: 23,00€

Amethystos white fume, Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Preis: 23,0€

Amethystos red,Cab.Sauvignon-Merlot Agiorgitiko 750ml

Preis: 20,00€

Amethystos rose Cab.Sauvignon-Merlot 750ml

Preis: 17,00€

Amethystos white,Sauvignon Blanc - Assyrtiko 750ml

Preis: 17,00€

Château Julia red,Merlot 750ml

Preis: 25,00€

chateau julia white, Assyrtiko 750ml

Preis: 18,00€

Alpha white, Malagouzia 750ml

Preis: 14,00€