Rusks, snacks & nuts


Dakos and Krithina Paksimadakia. Mini Barley Rusk-rolls and mini Barley Rusks. Two P.D.O. products from Crete absolutely necessary in every household that loves greek food! Simply dip in olive oil or prepare a Dakos-dish with our 5-min traditional recipe you will find under the section “Recipes, tipps and tricks”.


For those with a sweet tooth or for those with a small appetite, for on the go or in the office: Grissini with olives and a little feta cheese, a few olives or some Greek yogurt. Tastes heavenly, costs little and fills you up without over-filling.

Biscotti with almonds or with oranges, breadsticks with orange and olive oil, multigrain bites with carob syrup, sweeten your moments and accompany your coffee.

Pistacchios from Aegina

Another P.G.I product. World renowned for their taste and unmatched quality. In rosmarin, you will find them salted or not to match you particular taste.