Cheese & Ham

Authentic greek Feta cheese packed in different sizes but also a variety of originalncheeses that we love in Greece. Graviera plain or with herbs, manouri, anthotyro, myzithra, kaseri, kefalotyri but also aged cheeses and smoked ones like Metsovone.

Greek cheeses are often produced from goat or sheep milk which has lower fat content and is healthier and many are of protected origin as they are unique in the world!

A small selection of traditional ham varieties like low fat sausage from kalb meat, Soutzouki sausage, griechischer Prosciutto or Pastrami complement our fresh, cooled products.

Feta in vacuum Arvaniti, 150g

Preis: 4,20€

Fetain brine Arvaniti, 400g

Preis: 7,90€

Feta in vacuum Proikas, 200g

Preis: 4,90€

Feta in brine Proikas, 800g

Preis: 7,90€

Feta in brine Proikas, 8000g

Preis: 12,90€

Metsovone smoked cheese p.d.a.

Preis: 4,00€ / 100g

Myzithra soft Arvaniti, 600g

Preis: 7,00€

Kaveri Avanti, 220g

Preis: 7,00€

Kefalotyri Arvaniti, 220g

Preis: 6,50€

Bliss Point Graviera aged in red wine, 125g

Preis: 7,00€

Bliss Point Graviera with thyme, 125g

Preis: 7,00€

Bliss Point Graviera with Truffle, 125g

Preis: 9,90€

Bliss Point Graviera with 4 peppers, 125g

Preis: 7,50€

Bliss Point Graviera aged, 125g

Preis: 7,00€

Saganaki with mint Proikas, 200g

Preis: 6,50€

Manouri Proikas, 200g

Preis: 4,50€

Anthotyro Arvaniti, 300g

Preis: 5,90€

Sary Soutzouki spicy sausage from beef, ca 330g

Preis: 12,90€

Sary Sausage from beef low fat, ca 350g

Preis: 9,70€

Sary Prosciutto, 100g

Preis: 9,80€

Sary Pastourma from beef, 100g

Preis: 8,90€

Sary Bresaola from pork, ca 120g

Preis: 4,90€