Sauces & ready made meals

A great variety of sauces and spreads made of natural and very aromatic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, Feta cheese, figs in Mavrodaphne wine, capers, oregano, beetroot, plums, citrus fruit and many more.

Some are sweet, some salty, bitter or piquant. Our sauces can be used in various ways, as tasty dips, as sauce for pasta or meat or as a delicious spread for your bread.

homemade BBQ sauce

Preis: 4,90€

The absolute companion for everything grilled!

homemade Mayonnaise Ergon, 310g

Preis: 6,90€

Taste the real mayonnaise! For fish, potatoes, vegetables, as spread for your sandwich and dressing for your salads!

Ketchup spicy Dolopia, 280g

Preis: 4,90€

As an accompaniment to grilled steaks, grilled chicken, burgers or sausages. As a dressing for baked potatoes or boiled potatoes or as a base for pizza.

Ketchup classic Dolopia, 280g

Preis: 4,90€

Sauce for freshly baked pasta, dip for toast, breadsticks, bruschettas, potato chips, vegetable sticks, dressing for roasts, baked or boiled potatoes, fine ingredient for extra flavor in casseroles.

green tomato ketchup Yiam, 200g

Preis: 7,90€

A great marinade for grilled meats, grilled vegetables, and cheese platters. A fantastic accompaniment for your fries.

Prasoryzo, Yiam homemade meals, 370g

Preis: 7,90€

VEGAN, Rice with leak and carrots

Pork krasato, Yiam homemeda meals, 370g

Preis: 9,90€

Pork with peppers in wine sauce

Pork Prasoselino, Yiam homemade meals, 370g

Preis: 9,90€

Park with leak and celery

Stifado, Yiam homemade meals, 370g

Preis: 9,90€

Beef with Shallot onions and mushrooms in wine sauce

Giouvetsi, Yiam homemeade meals 370g

Preis: 9,50€

Beef with Orzo pasta in tomato sauce

VEGAN Bolognese Sauce, Terra Fyllida, 330g

Preis: 7,50€

For pasta, pizza, meat dishes or sandwiches. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Prickly pear chutney Anthea, 230g

Preis: 9,00€

The most original chutney you have ever tried! The combination of prickly pears, apples, plums, onions, peppers and ginger is simply unbeatable!

VEGAN Carbonara Sauce, Terra Fyllida 330g

Preis: 8,50€

For pasta, pizza, meat dishes or your sandwich. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Ergon tomato sauce with basil, 700g

Preis: 3,90€

Your basic tomato sauce for stews, casseroles, and more

Ergon BBQ sauce, 320g

Preis: 4,90€

your best grill companion!

Tomato sauce with Thyme & Anthotyro Wise Greece, 280g

Preis: 5,70€

for pasta, rice or spread for your sandwich

Tomato sauce with plums Wise Greece, 280g

Preis: 5,70€

for pasta, rice or as spread for your sandwich

Tomato sauce mint & mastic Wise Greece, 200g

Preis: 5,50€

for pasta, rice or as spread for your sandwich

spicy Florina Pepper sauce Yiam, 200g

Preis: 7,95€

goes perfectly with your cheese platter or in your sandwich! Add it to your tomato sauce to give it a particular extra twist

Humus spread Ergon, 100g

Preis: 3,70€

natural, without preservatives, simply delicious!

Garlic Puree Ergon, 115g

Preis: 5,50€

It will complete your roasted vegetables and make a fantastic Scordalia dip. Use as basis for every dish with garlic.

Orange chutney "Lady Lela", 225g

Preis: 6,10€

a delicious chutney with a light spicy twist to combine with pork, cheese and many more!

Carrot chutney "Lady Lela", 225g

Preis: 6,10€

combine this mild chutney with fresh or matured cheeses with Prosciutto and beef sausages

Plum chutney Idiston, 280g

Preis: 6,50€

Takes your manouri cheese sandwich to a different level and accompanies your ham platter like no other